Alex Cross - photo

Alex Cross

“I count myself fortunate to collaborate alongside capable, competent, and passionate colleagues within a mission-driven enterprise that works seamlessly across the globe. I find it constantly invigorating that we collectively possess (and are continually expanding and developing) relevant knowledge, capabilities, methodologies and tools that enable us to focus on the right problems and then deliver the right work, completed the right way, for our clients.”



Julio Alecio

“When I think about RealFoundations I immediately think “collaboration.” We all work-out-loud and help one another succeed. I can draw on my own experience AND the deep industry knowledge that all of my peers possess to help our clients run better. I’m proud to be part of such a great team.”

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Parker Kennemer - photo

Parker Kennemer

“I love working at RealFoundations because it allows me to work with passionate, driven, and highly experienced team members who share my enthusiasm for the Real Estate industry and for helping others. The focus that the firm places on the career growth of each of its employees is truly unmatched and has enabled me to significantly enhance my consultative skills as I strive to maximize the value that I provide to RealFoundations and to our clients.”



Ryan Whitaker

“I enjoy the opportunity and the culture at RealFoundations; it's is a place where your hard work is recognized and where you can shape your own career.  At RF you’re not on an island, you are supported by an entire company full of knowledge that you can leverage, where sharing is not only suggested, it comes naturally.”

Ryan Whitaker - photo