Top Five National Homebuilder

For a top five national homebuilder, RealFoundations professionals defined a common operational business and systems model based on J.D. Edwards, and developed the performance management process to measure implementation across all divisions.


  • Identify current state processes, applications, business goals and data owners
  • Define improvement opportunities related to organizational strategy, operational processes and supporting technologies
  • Develop a operational business and systems model around financial and operational processes
  • Deploy the model with an associated Performance Management program to 35 operating divisions nationwide


  • Conducted business interviews across divisions to understand current processes and systems and identify improvement opportunities
  • Facilitated the Steering Committee of business leaders for each homebuilding function across the company to confirm improvement opportunities, define standardized business processes and “own” the operational model
  • Identified gaps between the future operational model and current application functionality
  • Setup a database of over 100 process and systems improvement projects
  • Developed a performance management process to ensure successful deployment of the standardized model at all divisional offices