RF Congratulates Client Health Care REIT for GRESB's Recognition of GABC Program

September 2015 | Dallas, TX —The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has recognized Health Care REIT (HCN) and its pioneering new program called Green Arrow Building Certification (GABC) in a recent case study. The GABC program was developed by RealFoundations for HCN. Prior to 2014, HCN used the ENERGY STAR® label to certify and recognize its top performing properties. Beginning in 2014, ENERGY STAR no longer offered certification for Medical Office Buildings (MOB properties), though data could still be benchmarked through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The inability to certify through ENERGY STAR did not deter HCN and its desire to recognize and benchmark its MOB portfolio. The Green Arrow Building Certification program was designed to identify HCN’s top performing MOB properties by building upon the ENERGY STAR certification process to address categories such as water use, waste management, indoor environmental quality and other innovative solutions.

“Our Green Arrow sustainability program is aimed at aligning and connecting the benefits of sustainability performance with health care delivery and outcomes. The Green Arrow Building Certification program serves to align our tenants and our property operations team to increase the positive impacts of a proactive sustainability program,” said Mike Noto, SVP of Real Estate Services.

”We congratulate Health Care REIT for their recognition of the GABC program. Our team is proud to have played a role in Health Care REIT’s success in the design and development of the first internal benchmarking program for medical office buildings,” said David Stanford, Executive Director at RealFoundations.

For more information about GRESB and the GABC case study, visit: https://www.gresb.com/insights/2015/09/3488-1/

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