RealFoundations Managing Director Ed Lubieniecki Named Chair of OSCRE Board

February 2011— The Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE) elected RealFoundations’ (RF) Managing Director Ed Lubieniecki as Chair of the Board of Directors during its recent annual meeting in London. OCSRE is an international organization of global leaders in real estate that recognizes the value of and works towards open standards to facilitate the tracking and management of real estate data, property performance, assets and information globally.

As Chair, Mr. Lubieniecki will head the management body which acts on behalf of the Executive Members to direct OCSCRE’s strategy. Following his appointment, Ed commented: “This is going to be a vital year for those committed to open standards. More than ever, open standards are critical to accurately track and understand operational and performance data within the real estate industry.”

Catherine Williams, OSCRE’s Chief Executive, mirrored Ed’s emphasis on the importance of information management. “The real estate market has suffered a difficult few years,” she said. “Access to timely and accurate information has never been more crucial to good decision making and risk reduction.”

Lubieniecki, who has over 25 years of experience as real estate management consultant, leads the corporate real estate practice at RealFoundations. He views RealFoundations’ involvement with OSCRE as a natural extension of RF and OSCRE’s mutual commitment to the standardization and efficient movement of data within the real estate industry. “Our clients increasingly require the aggregation and analysis of complex data from multiple geographies and sources – with more frequency and accuracy,” Ed recognized. “OSCRE standards are a key piece in accomplishing this objective.”

About OSCRE OSCRE (the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate) is a not for profit market-led initiative that facilitates increased business productivity through the development and delivery of standards across the real property sector. OSCRE’s mission is to drive the standards development process to benefit all stakeholders and enable the real estate industry to function more efficiently in the digital economy. OSCRE is the only global e-commerce standards body for the real property sector. The organization is funded by its members, whose valued financial and professional contribution enables the continuation of the work of OSCRE.

About RealFoundations RealFoundations is a global management consultancy focused exclusively on the real estate and property industry. From developers, owner/operators and corporate occupiers to service providers and institutional investors, RealFoundations offers innovative solutions around business intelligence, process analysis and improvement, solution implementation, strategic information and systems planning and systems integration.

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