RealFoundations Discusses Sustainability Reporting for CRE in Measurabl White Paper

September 2014  Dallas, TX - Sustainability reporting firm, Measurabl, recently published a white paper on GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) titled, “Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB." In this white paper, David Stanford, Executive Managing Director of RealFoundations, acknowledges the ‘new normal’ real estate investors must comply with in order to keep portfolios profitable. “Asset management is hamstrung without the information to manage environmental performance,” says Stanford. He argues that smart environmental investments can also deliver attractive returns. “Once you put eyes on this stuff, just by doing a better job of managing how it’s operated, you can make a big impact and produce net operating income—which is the name of the game in the real estate world.”

Echoing Mr. Stanford’s comments is Alok Singh, RealFoundations’ Energy Solutions’ Practice Director. Singh says, “People need to think about managing the operations of their portfolio versus managing the operations of a floor or an energy device. Once you start doing that, the kinds of decisions you make at the asset level will maximize the impact you can make at the enterprise level to improve performance.”

To download the full white paper follow this link to the Measurabl blog.