For a leading multifamily company, RealFoundations assessed current state reporting processes and systems and identified and implemented selected improvement opportunities.


  • Perform current state assessment of processes, applications, tools, data and reporting landscape
  • Determine future state analytical and reporting requirements
  • Determine opportunities for streamlining data flow and enhancing process efficiency
  • Develop and execute work plan to implement identified opportunities


  • Performed a focused inventory of active financial and operational reports, eliminating reports that were unused or of limited value
  • Identified types and users of information as well as types of data access required (on-line inquiry, reporting, ad-hoc scenario analysis, executive dashboard, etc.)
  • Developed target list of business intelligence and reporting software vendors including Hyperion, Cognos, Business Objects, Brio and several others
  • Selected data warehousing, analysis and reporting solution based on requirements analysis defined in project team work sessions
  • Worked closely with specialty business intelligence implementation firm to design and execute an implementation plan to deploy world class financial analysis and reporting tool to corporate finance and accounting users