International Services Provider

One of Canada’s largest providers of integrated management services, managing over eighty (80) million square feet and 250,000 infrastructure sites, had grown rapidly in recent years through large contract acquisition. This rapid growth had created an environment with several challenges, including: disparate systems, varying procedures, and difficulty in leveling workloads across functions and client accounts. Within this environment, the project management division in particular had identified several challenge areas, including project delivery, time and expense, and service billing.

RealDiscovery Sessions

  • RealFoundations conducted a series of working meetings to perform preliminary analysis and identify issues and opportunities in each business area
  • RealFoundations conducted a 2-Day 35 person session to design project management’s future state processes, systems and operating structure
  • RealFoundations conducted a series of post RealDiscovery session meetings to further refine future state business processes and develop a long term implementation plan


  • High-level company end-to-end project management process model
  • System guiding principles to support the process from a corporate perspective
  • Structure, roles and responsibilities of a corporate project management structure to promote consistency, innovation and knowledge sharing across strategic client units
  • Change and communication plan to address significant change barriers in the organization
  • Detailed implementation plan focusing on the first 90 days
  • Executive steering committee approval to move forward with project management ideas and concepts developed as a result of the project