RF Director Simon Parsons Co-authors "Intelligent Assets for Tomorrow's Infrastructure"

July 2017 | Dallas, TX – RealFoundations Director Simon Parsons contributed to a recent report published by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), titled “Intelligent Assets for Tomorrow's Infrastructure: Guiding Principles”.  Published on June 14th, this guidance paper is a collaboration between the Asset Management group of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Management Panel (of which Parsons is a member) and the University of Cambridge’s “Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction” (CSIC).

Drawing on both recent research from the CSIC and longer-term industry experience, the paper focuses on the concepts of smart infrastructure and intelligent assets, explaining what they mean in practical terms alongside examples of use in infrastructure asset management to gain efficiency and reduce waste.  In the article, the authors propose a maturity model to guide smart asset development and help managers select appropriate technologies, with an emphasis on using data to improve asset management (both during construction and operation) to save time and money while increasing the underlying value of the asset.  

Get the full report on the ICE website here.

About the Institution of Civil Engineers The ICE is one of the world's most respected professional engineering associations, formed almost 200 years ago. It has over 90,000 members in more than 150 countries. Its Expert Panels are made up of members who lend their expertise to help shape ICE's outputs across a range of different areas within the civil engineering industry.

About the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction The CSIC was founded in April 2011 to translate research into commercial application to transform the future of infrastructure. As a world-leading centre of excellence at the University of Cambridge, CSIC's key objective is to develop robust and innovative solutions to meet challenges in the infrastructure and construction industry and to accelerate and enable knowledge transfer and exploitation of these emerging technologies.

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