Global Investment Management Organization

For a corporate real estate department of a global investment management organization, RealFoundations professionals assisted in the draft and implementation of various process improvements within the organization.


  • Identify process improvement opportunity within the Design & Construction and the Facilities group within the Corporate Real Estate Department
  • Work closely with the client personnel team to design and implement the improvement opportunities identified


  • Conduct multiple work sessions with the client personnel to
    • Reach a consensus among the client personnel regarding how the process works currently
    • Draft future process improvements by combining input from the client and RF knowledge of the leading industry practices
    • Analyze the gaps between the current and future processes and drafting a plan of action items for implementation
    • Implement the improvement plan
  • Some of the examples of process improvements relate to
    • Bid/negotiation/award guidelines for vendor selection
    • Standardization of RFI/RFP process via the use of template forms and policy guidelines
    • Improvements to tracking capital project cost on a timely basis
    • Improved coordination with corporate accounting for invoice tracking, payment and reconciliation