Global Financial Institution

One of the largest financial institutions in the world realized that its corporate real estate information technology platform inhibited future growth, flexibility and productivity. The organization viewed it as a declining technology platform which limited access to information, restrained future business requirements, and hindered performance to clients. The financial institution initiated a program to address these issues in order to meet its internal goals and to realize their performance objectives.

RealDiscovery Sessions

  • RealFoundations conducted a series of small 4 hour session to perform preliminary analysis and identify issues and opportunities in each business area
  • RealFoundations conducted a 2-Day 75 person session to design the implementation plan for the transformation


  • Resource Plan including skills and roles for program management office, steering committee, and core project team
  • Major Program risk identification, analysis and mitigation plan
  • Summary of overall program benefits and measures to begin design of a detailed business case
  • Program communication and change plan to address diverse stakeholder group
  • 180-day action plan with sufficient detail to begin mobilizing the core team and attain quick wins
  • Integrated timeline of 20 projects over the course of two years
  • Agreement on overall high-level application and business architecture; and buy-in from 75 stakeholders on the future vision of corporate real estate information technology