Financial Institution

For the Real Estate Department of one of the largest financial institutions in the world, RealFoundations developed a Strategic Information Systems Plan.


  • Determine how to place accurate, detailed and current information in the hands of decision-makers in order to optimize the portfolio of properties
  • Assess current application and technology infrastructure
  • Develop a strategy to replace a number of antiquated systems and integrate several informal or side systems
  • Determine a technical architecture that would permanently integrate information from a series of outsourced service providers and provide future flexibility
  • Outline an implementation roadmap for the selected strategy
  • Provide a business case framework and assist in articulating benefits to steering committee


  • Interviewed partner and client IT associates to determine application landscape and developed an overview of current-state applications and their integration points
  • Conducted approximately 30 facilitated work sessions to review all real estate processes and determine end-to-end process map, existing issues that needed to be addresses, and requirements for future systems that were unique to the client
  • Developed future-state technology and application architecture to accommodate client’s complex operating model, comprehensive information needs, and strategy to heavily leverage outsourced service providers
  • Worked with project executives and steering committee to finalize and ratify the strategy, as well as determine a path forward to implement the strategy