Energy Utility Management

For a leading nationwide shopping mall owner, RealFoundations developed a utility management system strategy to satisfy the company’s desire to improve their business intelligence surrounding energy tracking and monitoring. The strategy projects an estimated saving of $11 million over ten years in utility cost savings with a 37% ROI.


  • Review utility accounting software and processes related to utility management
  • Develop a framework to monitor energy usage for each property at a corporate level incorporating utility management strategies including bill reconciliation, real time pricing strategies, and building system load curtailment
  • Select software to collect data from multiple systems, perform analysis on thousands of data points, present data in a meaningful fashion in order to drive business decisions
  • Build a frame work to monitor and control buildings and energy consumption at the property level from an enterprise level platform


  • Conducted process and information assessment work sessions to document current state accounting and property management processes as they relate to energy utility management
  • Researched utility management software vendors and conducted vendor selection process
  • Gathered requirements, researched options and conducted vendor selections in the areas related to energy utility management to ensure complete and most effective solution (meter upgrades and collection software, EMS upgrade and network upgrade)
  • Selected energy software vendor that collects all utility data electronically, pays utility bills electronically, performs budgeting and forecasting and acts as the centralized database for all energy utility information. This system can also send load-shedding commands to building equipment, such as HVAC devices, to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the system will help with energy procurement.