Energy Management Strategy & Implementation

For one of Southern California’s largest master planner and developers, RealFoundations successfully developed an operational strategy for a development encompassing a full range of hotel, retail, office, and apartment properties. A series of projects were selected that focused on providing business intelligence from the accounting, energy/building automation systems as well as addressing the day to day processes for managing the portfolio. The initiative is projected to save 3-5% annually on utility expenses amounting to 3 million dollars in annual savings from reduced electricity costs alone. An additional savings of 900+ man hours in bill processing time and $550,000 dollars in reduced irrigation penalties from automated usage limit controls are also projected.


  • Provide management and executive level visibility throughout all operational disciplines including accounting, engineering and property operations

  • Select software to collect data from multiple systems, perform analysis on thousands of data points, present data in a meaningful fashion in order to drive business decisions. The decisions include day-to-day operational functions, energy purchasing and future building investments to improve performance and sustainability

  • Establish a communication backbone to carry data efficiently and in a real time manner from the building level back to corporate

  • Build a frame work to monitor and control buildings and energy consumption at the property level from an enterprise level platform that could work across multiple EMS and building automation platforms

  • Implement a meter platform to track consumption of all utilities, building systems or tenant meters for intelligence and rebilling purposes


  • Defined a business blueprint, which helped articulate the business processes and functions that were unique to multiple asset type operations

  • Documented the future state application architecture, highlighting the relationship and integration points between several dozen systems involved in running the business

  • Created a cross-functional work plan and implemented internal communications process to improve effectiveness of the client’s highly dispersed work teams

  • Organized a rapid implementation of the energy, engineering, metering and irrigation systems. This included everything from a rapid system selection to specifying and overseeing integration and implementation of the three software platforms, EMS system upgrades and hundreds of meter and flow sensing devices throughout the portfolio

  • Three major platforms were selected and implemented in less than a year, improving the operational performance and reducing energy consumption in over 500 buildings, 30-plus retail centers and in over 30,000 apartment complexes