Building Automation Assessment

RealFoundations successfully conducted a strategy phase assessment for a privately held company of multi-family and hospitality properties. The assessment focused on critical accounting, building system infrastructure, and energy management operations related to Utility Management, Building Automation, CCTV and Security. The assessment resulted in $800,000 in annual estimated utility and operation cost savings with a 25% ROI. This savings represents a 10% reduction in total utility costs.


  • Develop a business intelligence strategy surrounding technical communication backbone; energy management; energy billing, analytics & meter data collection; and access control/visitor management
  • Review building HVAC, Access Control, TCB and CCTV developing system retrofit recommendations
  • Develop a framework to monitor energy usage for each property at a corporate level incorporating utility management strategies including bill reconciliation, real time pricing strategies, and building system load curtailment


  • Conducted process and information assessment work sessions to document current state accounting and property management processes, as they relate to energy utility management
  • Performed facility site assessment of building infrastructure systems developing system retrofit opportunities
  • Researched utility management software and building system vendors and conducted vendor selection process
  • Developed financial analysis of recommended utility management and infrastructure system upgrades