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Assisted Living Company

For a well established assisted living company, RealFoundations conducted a current state assessment of critical business processes and applications to confirm an approach to satisfy the company’s desire to easily consolidate information and allow for a more scalable platform. Objective

  • Review front and back office processes
  • Review current usage of PeopleSoft Enterprise One
  • Assist in defining a future state operating model that would allow the company leverage existing assets and processes for future acquisitions


  • Conducted process and information assessment work sessions to document current state resident management and accounting processes
  • Developed system requirements from process and information assessment to review high-level resident management and accounting solutions
  • Developed assessment of assisted living best practices and industry trends
  • Developed a road map to implement suggested improvement opportunities

Military Housing Operation

For one of the nation’s largest residential management companies, RealFoundations helped launch the client’s first military housing operation, which included the implementation and integration of two systems the company had never before used: a property management system and a work order management system.


  • Help the Client take joint ownership of, and operational control over, 2,000 family housing units
  • Define a methodology, and create a work plan, for military housing transitions that the Client could re-use in subsequent privatization deals
  • In less than six months, select, implement and integrate the various systems that would be required to operate a portfolio that was fundamentally different than the rest of the Client’s portfolio


  • Defined a business blueprint, which helped articulate the business processes and functions that were unique to Client’s military housing operation
  • Documented the future state application architecture, which highlighted the relationship and integration points between the several dozen systems that would be involved in running the business
  • Created a cross-functional work plan and implemented internal communications process to improve effectiveness of the Client’s highly dispersed work teams
  • Organized a rapid implementation of the property management, work order and call center systems. This included everything from a rapid system selection to specifying and overseeing development of the custom reports required for the military’s incentive reporting

National Apartment Developer

For a national apartment developer, RealFoundations professionals evaluated the student housing process and defined possible property management opportunities. Objective

  • Understand property management systems used within the student housing market
  • Understand how student housing property management differs from conventional property management
  • Gain insight into the general market activities within the student housing sector to better understand position in that market


  • Conducted process assessment work session for client’s student housing in order to document current state property management process
  • Developed system requirements from process assessment to review high-level property management solutions
  • Developed assessment of student housing property management best practices and industry trends
  • Generated list of potential property management applications which could effectively operate in the student housing property management industry