Strategies, Techniques and Technologies that Make Real Estate Run Better

Whether you own or operate real estate, or simply occupy a significant amount of it, you know how complex and challenging it can be to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of physical facilities. 

RealFoundations has seen and studied hundreds of real estate companies and operations, giving us a unique perspective on the inner workings of the entire real estate ecosystem, from the way a building itself is used to how it is operated and capitalized. Simply put, no group understands a day in the life of a real estate asset or operations as well as RealFoundations. 

Our Management Consulting engagements draw directly from these decades of accumulated industry expertise to quickly identify the critical areas for greatest improvement, and then design and implement solutions that make real estate run better. 

Management Consulting at RealFoundations takes the form of five distinct areas of service, each addressing a unique challenge. 

Strategy:  Deepen your understanding of the issues and options for your specific real estate challenges. Services include creating efficient operating models, developing roadmaps, structuring information flow, and sourcing of business processes. 

Operational Innovation:  Streamline performance and maximize the profitable operation of your real estate. Includes diagnostic assessments to identify inefficiencies, centralizing procurement and spending, optimizing capital projects, and enhancing revenue opportunities.

Finance Transformation:  Transform the way in which your finance and accounting functions support your real estate business and operations. RealFoundations can help structure and align the finance organization personnel and processes, automate transactions, and benchmark performance against industry standards and leaders.

Performance Measurement:  Understand and manage the metrics behind the health of your portfolio and your business. We can help define and analyze the investor and business measures that reveal the true condition of your business, establish data governance and supply chain standards to ensure accuracy, and put standard reporting and analytics programs in place.

Technology:  Ensure a strong foundation of technology and applications to operate your real estate effectively. RealFoundations defines an overall technology architecture, provides complex systems implementation / integration, conducts business intelligence initiatives, and advises on cloud and mobility strategy and migrations.