Julius Caten

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Julius Caten is a Specialist with RealFoundations. He has over 25 years of experience in the technology, real estate and energy industries. Julius has driven projects related to energy management strategy, energy operations, enterprise energy management and performance reporting. He has also designed and implemented large scale Wi-Fi and building automation systems, access control systems, visitor management systems, meter reading systems (electric, water, gas), and both voice and WAN and LAN data telecommunications for wireless and wire line, wireless vehicle, people, and asset location.

Prior to joining RealFoundations, Julius served as Chief Information Officer for R.E. Technologies providing the Multi-Family industry with Internet based leasing, tracking, and lead generation tools. While at R.E. Technologies he was a founding member of the NMHC MITS data standards group and served as the co-chair of the data standards committee that produced the MITS standard.