Optimizing Energy and Environmental Performance

Energy and environmental factors can have an outsized impact on the performance of any real estate portfolio and optimizing them requires careful consideration of environmental, financial and operational data to align with the interests of investors, regulators and occupants. 

RealFoundations helps real estate companies achieve sustainable performance by identifying, designing and implementing cost-effective solutions to meet their needs. We leverage the convergence of real estate, sustainability and technology, along with our deep industry knowledge, to help our clients realize better energy and environmental performance and maximize savings.

We help organizations make long-term and sustainable improvements in energy and environmental performance by leveraging a systematic process of  “Identify -> Measure -> Analyze -> Act -> Report.” 

RealFoundations Energy Solutions include: 

Energy Management Strategy:  Proactively set energy and environmental performance goals and prioritize available resources to meet those objectives. RealFoundations works with key stakeholders to assess a real estate portfolio’s “current state” and plan the “future state” that will guide performance goals and recommended solutions.

Enterprise Energy Management:  Make sustainability a constant element of operations instead of a series of one-time initiatives. RealFoundations deploys centralized building automation and energy management systems, integrating them with decision-making processes and establishing analytics and benchmarks to sustain gains in efficiency.

Energy Operations Support:  Identify efficiency improvement areas, optimize existing equipment and manage energy operations on a real-time basis with hardware and software applications. RealFoundations also conducts utility bill processing and utility rate analysis to identify the most suitable tariffs and lower utility expenses.

Retrofit Solutions:  Profile individual buildings or entire portfolios to identify inefficient environmental systems and retrofit them to achieve sustainable savings. RealFoundations deploys a brand-agnostic approach that allows us to recommend solutions with the appropriate cost-benefit ratio.

Performance Reporting:  Share key energy and environmental accomplishments with stakeholders to meet third-party survey needs and mandatory disclosure requirements. Includes investor performance reports, impact validation studies and third-party certifications and ratings.