Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Technology Helping to Set New Benchmarks

Most people understand that we do not operate our buildings at the peak of efficiency. Unlike most other industries ranging from automobiles to airplanes, we have not taken full advantage of the extraordinary amount of data that could be extracted from our buildings. Whether it is energy conservation, operational efficiency or creating an engaging, safe and productive place, the data in our building can tell us when to "start" and "shut down" our buildings, when room are being used, if the lights are on all night, if AC is fighting heat, water is leaking and more. This webinar will showcase some of the best examples of smart building analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Learn how industry experts are handling gathered data to improve building efficiency
  • Discover new tools and technologies and how they are being used to improve energy usage
  • Hear some of the best smart building data analytics examples

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