We rely on small Meetings and Work Sessions to address specific, discrete items or issues. Our Tactical Facilitated Sessions involve larger numbers of participants and typically pursue a known outcome or objective. 

For more complex or ambiguous issues, where a specific objective or outcome may not be identified, RealFoundations will engage in Strategic Facilitated Sessions at the organizational or departmental level. 

And when a client needs to accelerate or improve the quality of implementation decisions or planning, we hold a RealDiscovery™ session where a large group of stakeholders work collaboratively in an intense, specially designed setting with structured exercises to rapidly develop an actionable solution. 

Leverage the Power of Collaboration

RealFoundations employs a proven methodology, RealDiscovery, for group facilitation. RealDiscovery sessions are tailored to enable stakeholders to make vital decisions and set critical directions addressing complex problems their organization face. The sessions are structured to establish strategic alignment amongst the stakeholders as well as establish organizational clarity on the scope, purpose, expected value, critical success factors, potential barriers, and timeline for the deployment of an achievable solution.

Binoculars to Explore


Participants examine and test ideas, learn about the issues, share perspectives and concerns and craft a high-level vision for the future.

Scale to Evaluate


Group members review business scenarios to analyze and stress test the alternatives, ideas and possible solutions.

Directions to Execute


Participants make critical decisions following analysis of viable alternatives, document requisite details to accelerate these decisions and create near-term action plans and communication materials.

  • Accelerate decision-making and focused action plan development.

  • Stimulate creativity with an immersive environment and a unique methodology.

  • Introduce new vantage points by incorporating multiple perspectives from across the enterprise.

  • Leverage the collective group knowledge through the examination of ideas and solutions from multiple organizational vantage points to discover opportunities.

  • Promote parallel, simultaneous, and iterative processing of work to accelerate solution development.

  • Create organizational alignment, ownership, and commitment on achievable solutions.